Robots of Brixton

When they kick down your front door… how you gonna come?

Robots of Brixton

Datavu: Useful Unix commands for exploring data

Ahhh, life seemed so much simpler when I spent my workdays in a shell…

Musical Minds Documentary

Musical Minds is a documentary exploring the lives of two Autistic individuals, Nick and J.B. They host a public access show called “Hot Tracks”. 

The Gate (Short Film)

Noon - Short Film

"Sharpton has a long and well-documented history of leveraging his civil rights profile for his own benefit"

Wayne Barrett

Dr. Easy | Short Film

A robot with medical training is dispatched to defuse a dangerous situation.

"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful."

John Maeda

Company Culture

Culture. Culture. Culture. Culture. Culture. Culture. Culture. Culture.

Culture. Culture. Culture. Culture.

So tired of hearing this term.

  1. Treat your employees like they matter. If you want long term success stop being greedy and share a little of the pie.
  2. Create a collaborative environment. Let people be heard.
  3. Give real, honest feedback. Often.
  4. Don’t play favorites.

It’s really that simple. It’s definitely NOT about video games and free beer.

Exit Log | Short Film